Monday, September 29, 2008


Why see HIM?
When you can see US.
In God we trust.
Any compettition..
We will crush.
Hop on our bus..
Or get left in our gust.
Like a pile of Dust.TRUST.*DeadOn*


Sunday, September 28, 2008

The First Show...

Tonight was our first show.. it was at the 787 factory in convington KY.. I think we did aight for a 1st show.. We can only get better right? but uh, Shouts to Moxy for hookin us up wit that. check him out Yes.

I got mass footage and pics from the show i need to post.. that should be comin soon... so.. yea.. back to the music. peace *DeadOn*


Thursday, September 25, 2008

This nigga...

I'm sure most of yall have seen the r.kelly interview on BET.. saddenning right?.. I stumbled upon this video that was worth sharing.. this is how the interview shoulda went lol..*DeadOn*


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Its Been Awhile...

Its been awhile since i wrote somethin.. but everythings been comin together SLOWLY.. made some phone calls.... shouts to Sauntiago. Mike told me about the call..

But, Protools is in the making..

Im short on words right now maybe my brain is movin too fast i dont kno.. Jus stay glued. peace "DeadOn*


more youtube videos comin soon.. freestyles,sessions.. everything.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just Another Day... What can i Say?

ok...Niggas was on they A-game today.. gotta give props.. this shit dont stop.. we workin NONSTOP!.. lol let me stop. damn.. Sike na but yea.. we had another session tonight.. Mike is what you call a Musician.. this nigga kno how to play like every instrument.... And he can sing! damn.. I hate braggin about our shit but you gotta give props where need be..Feel me?.. haha.. Overall, tonight was a productive night.. Hooks,Verses.. all that.. Tone and Rousseau make a sick combo... and you might even get a verse from me every now n then lol. i Dont really be on my rap shit.. BUT my niggas DO!...

I got hella songs stuck in my head right now thanks to Rezai...
"People dont understand how i like to think....."

We keepin it movin... More youtube vieos comin soon. *DeadOn*


Monday, September 15, 2008

Hate vs. Opinion..

HATE–verb (used with object) 1. to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward; detest: to hate the enemy; to hate bigotry.
2. to be unwilling; dislike: I hate to do it.
–verb (used without object) 3. to feel intense dislike, or extreme aversion or hostility.
–noun 4. intense dislike; extreme aversion or hostility.
5. the object of extreme aversion or hostility

Aight.. So today i was watchin tv and that "Hi hater" video came on.. and i told one a my close friends that shit was weak.. So she preceded to call me a hater haha i wasnt trynna hate tho it was jus my opinion. I've never been one to hate or whatever... When people state they negative opinion towards somethin it comes off as hate these days.. is it jus an opposing position or could it be hatin' in disguise?lol.. Some people say jealousy has to come wit the negative opinion.. iono.. But say for instance a nigga walk up to you a say yo shoes aint fresh and u kno in the back of yo head yo shits fresh.. yu gon call this nigga a hater for statin his opinion...People gon be scared to say how they feel in fear of bein called a hater.. Cuz you kno NOONE wants to be considered a hater... smh

I think all this "Hi hater" shit needs to stop.. I seen they got t-shirts now. haha.. but yea the term hater has been thrown around entirely too loosely.. jus cuz a nigga dont agree wit yu dont mean they hatin.. when its all said and done JUS DO YOU. *DeadOn*


These dudes got the right idea...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tone Freestyle.. "Urban but Suburban"

Heres the freestyle from last night.. straight from the top.. listen. *DeadOn*


"Im thinkin DAMN" lol

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Tonight we had a lil session at my bros crib... when i say session i mean brainstorming, freestylin', beatmakin... etc.... But yea mike dropped some new hotshit.. I think he puttin em on his myspace later.. iono tho.. check n see..... case u forgot..

Tone was freestylin for a minute tonight.. this nigga come up wit hotshit like its nothin.... it make me think rappers these days try too hard.. or maybe Tony is jus talented? ya'll can be the judge LATER haha actually we did record part of his freestyle. I think im gonna throw it on youtube.... and post it later.. but for now.. be sike na but.. BE ON THE LOOKOUT! *DeadOn*

- D.Wilkes

Skyline ass niggas...

Its Just The Beginning.....

So today Tone hit me up like "yo you should set us up a blog"... so i did.. Ha, Im D. Wilkes by the way( Tone is my big bro...i do all the internet shit.. We also got MikeRezai.. check him out ( he drops beats.. then we got Tone AKA "Edward scissors" of course,He's an up and coming emcee.. you most definately will be hearing more from him... and last we got GabeRousseau (roo-so) aka "the Grenade", another flame emcee.. niggas been sleepin.. time to wake up hahah....its more people to come but now you kno the main people.. so Lets keep it movin'....

Deadonproductions/YCM (Young. Creative. Minds/Monkeys) is a forming group of artists and producers from Cincinnati,Ohio. We plan on creating music and eventually branchin' off to other things in the industry. We'll see how everything goes..We been usin' laptops and fruity loops these past few days.. just to get some rough draft shit down before we get the real studio poppin... So be on the lookout. Peace.*DeadOn*

- D.Wilkes

oh yea, the myspace will be up soon.. so look out for that too.