Friday, February 20, 2009

2:23 AM

What up..
Gabe Rousseau on the blog..
D Wilkes, my homie B Wells and I just left club Clique about an hour ago.It was dumb weak; there was seriously like four chicks in the whole entire spot; we all sat there for like 2 hours bored as fuck listening to music (DJ Clockwork was doing his thing though as usual)...
Anyways, we've been doing alot of new music lately, some shit that could very well be classified as groundbreaking to the mass media if it ever got released. I'm finally under the impression that everyone in our group is honestly comfortable and unbiasedly confident that our music is on the level it needs to be. I'm happy as can be...I'll talk more about it a little later...

I gotta get at this bwl of dro....
then get in this freestyle session with D wilkes
my life is the shit

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